about the bakist

hello! I am dez, the bakist.

I have always loved baking and coming up with new flavor combinations and seeing what twists I could do on traditional recipes.

The bakist is my second bakery, my first was in Spokane, Washington. I relocated to North Beach, Maryland in January of 2019 and decided I wasn’t leaving. I fell in love with the little town and close community.

I started working at the bakery (then called Sweet Sue’s) the first summer I was here and then spent the fall and winter baking from home and selling at events. The next summer I went back to the bakery and decided I missed owning a bakery. Flash forward a few months to January 1, 2021 and I was the new owner.

After getting started, I rebranded the bakery to be “the bakist” after my blog dez the bakist. I started my blog in 2017 after selling my first bakery. This became my creative output where I could share my recipes. Now that I have a bakery again, I can make all my recipes for you to come and taste!

I hope we see you soon! -dez