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cakes at the bakist


cake info & details

Here you will find information on our cakes. We are not taking any custom or special orders at this time. We will be, however, keeping cakes on hand to sell whole. We do a “naked-style” cake which means the sides of the cake show through the frosting. For our decoration we use different types of crumbles we make in house.

cake flavors

Here are some of our cake flavors! These are a description of our different cake flavor combinations. We may not be making all of these at any given time. 


chocolate cake– we use quality chocolate in our cake batter making this a rich cake with deep chocolate flavor. choose from chocolate or vanilla whipped buttercream. we top our chocolate cakes with a drizzle of chocolate ganache and sprinkle with chocolate crumble.

vanilla cake– vanilla batter, whipped vanilla frosting, cake crumble, sanding sugar and sprinkles

carrot cake – our carrot cake batter has toasted coconut, raisins, dried cranberries and pineapple. we frost with cream cheese frosting and top with toasted coconut and pecans

seasonal cake flavors

pumpkin spice latte – our buttery pumpkin cake with whipped espresso buttercream and cinnamon crumble

pumpkin caramel cake – pumpkin cake with caramel drizzle and whipped vanilla frosting, topped with caramel drizzle

peppermint mocha cake – chocolate cake with peppermint candies, whipped espresso buttercream, topped with chocolate ganache drizzle, chocolate crumb and peppermint candies

bakist specialties

brown butter cake – brown butter batter with whipped vanilla frosting topped with cake crumble and raw sugar

birthday cake – this is a vanilla cake with our signature whipped vanilla buttercream topped with birthday cake crumb and sprinkles! We can do specific sprinkle colors to match a theme. also available with chocolate frosting.

cinnadoodle cake – brown butter cake with bits of cinnamon crumble inside, whipped vanilla frosting, topped with cinnamon crumble

fig & pistachio cake -pistachio cake batter, homemade fig filling, whipped vanilla buttercream, topped with cake crumble & pistachios

toasted coconut cake – coconut batter, shredded toasted coconut, whipped vanilla buttercream, top with toasted coconut